about makino brewery

About Makino Brewery

Our history of more than 330 years

We at Makino Brewery take pride in our history of more than 330 years and that Japanese GODS have blessed our Sake,”Osakazuki”.

We have consistently won Gold Medals over 20 times at National Sake contests and National Tax Authority sponsored contests in Japan. With confidence from our good reputation in Japan, We launched our world-wide sales, offering to Australia for the first time in 2010. Recently we have recieved offers from Canada, China etc.

“Osakazuki” is one of the most delicious sake brands in Japan.

This tasteful and wonderful Sake is made from carefully selected sake rice grain and clear and cold spring water in Mt. Haruna in Kurabuchi, central Japan,where the Gods shine light with sincere devotion in the cold and intense winter.

“Osakazuki” series line-up

Dai-ginjo, Supreme Sake (No.1&2)

This is made from white rice which has been polished down until less than 50% of the grain remains. It also contains malted rice,water,and brewing alcohol. It is characterized by a fruity,floral bouquet and clear,crisp flavor.The sake is called Ginjo if the rice is polished down to 60%.

Tokubetsu Junmai, Pure Sake (No.2&3&4)

This is made only from white rice, malted rice,and water. A mellow bouquet and rich,smooth flavor.

Nama-Chozo (No.5)

This is not heated for pasteurization after the final mash is pressed. It is characterized by a light,and fresh flavor.

Ume Liquor (No.6)

This is made from Japanese apricot with osakazuki sake base.

About whole sales in overseas, Please contact us by E-mail first.

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